Founded in Dubai’s Jumeirah Islands Clubhouse and exporting its second branch to Bodrum, Isola Manzara Gardens embodies the traditions of Mediterranean cuisine inspired by the south of Italy. A gastronomic experience consisting of home-made pasta, pizza and Italian favorites, Isola Manzara offers a taste of modern classics with extensive wine selection sourced from the best wine producing regions in Italy. Isola is for the relaxed with high expectations.

Located at the top of Bardakci Bay and offering a magnificent view of Bodrum Castle, Isola Manzara Gardens is located opposite of METT Hotel & Beach Resort Bodrum. In full harmony with the Mediterranean identity of Isola Manzara brings a touch of southern Italy. Married with Mediterranean-style hospitality and nestled in newly renovated Bodrum, Isola is picture-perfect with hints of timeless Italian charm. Complete with jade lounges, stunning views of a Bodrum, a marble-white bar and olive trees aesthetics, the upscale space is elegant yet sentimental.